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Military Family Provider Network

The Military Family Provider Network (MFPN) of Kansas provides mental health professional, substance abuse professionals, primary care physicians, and other professionals the opportunity to belong to a network of professionals dedicated to providing complete, competent, and sensitive care to our military families. The purpose of the MFPN of Kansas is to make quality healthcare-mental, emotional, physical- easily identifiable and accessible by all Kansas military personnel and their families, regardless of geographic location. And to promote healthy families before, during and after deployment.

  • Providers will receive the newsletter entitled “The Military Family: Fostering Resilience” which addresses special issues, up-to-date research, and guidelines for clinical work related to military families.
  • Providers will be listed in a comprehensive provider directory, as well as on Military OneSource, a leading provider of outreach and education services for military families.
  • Providers will receive convenient, specialized training in the unique issues faced by military families.

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