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Advisory Board

  • David Albright, PhD, Hillcrest Foundation Endowed Chair in Mental Health Research, University of Alabama
  • Joan Barrett, Military Child Education Coalition
  • Bob Funcheon, MSW, Gold Star Father
  • Beth Funk, EdD, Senior Command Spouse, US Army
  • Lt Col (R) Judy Mathewson, PhD, USAF
  • Janet Nichols, Military Relations Committee, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
  • Lisa Silvestri, PhD, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, Gonzaga University
  • CPT (retired) Adrian Veseth-Nelson, US Army Veteran and Co-Founder, Invisible Wound
  • Diana Veseth-Nelson, Co-Founder, Invisible Wound
  • Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, PhD, Military Family Research Institute, Purdue University
  • Judith M. Woodward, RN, BSN, JD, Former 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley Health Promotion Officer, Fort Riley, Kansas
  • Ex Officio: LTC (retired) Art De Groat, Director of Military and Veteran Affairs, Kansas State University